What’s better than sharing your knowledge with your loved ones ? We say getting paid for it! LOGYMY does not only share all the wealth of information with you but gives you commission on every person who enrolls for the course you’ve suggested for him. Enroll in the course, get your coupon code and special link, share it with your community and earn money.

The LOGYMY affiliate program is commission based, so the more people buy the course the more commission you earn.

Whether you are a student, a housewife or even working, you can join the LOGYMY affiliate program.

Whether you’re living in the US, in Europe, in Asia or even in Africa you can be our ambassador.

Once you apply for the LOGYMY affiliates program, we will review your application and contact you in the next following days. You will receive an Email that contains the full instructions and an agent who will complete the onboarding with you.

Once you will start teaching on Logymy, you'll receive all the details related to your payment methods and when can you receive your payment grants.

You can choose whether you want to be paid via PayPal or a credit Card.

You can track the success of your campaign in the affiliate program section in your profile.

Our Support team will answer any type of questions you have in mind. We’d love also to hear from you via Email : Email Us.


We serve you! Sometimes all you need is to feel an exchange. LOGYMY is an online learning platform where you can upscale your skills and grow by providing you with the best interactive courses. No matter your level or your language are. You can study the course you want in the language you desire LIVE.

Good question! Well, beside our vision to make the knowledge accessible in any part of the world. LOGYMY delivers the knowledge with an in-depth live interpretation. In other words, you can interact with your instructor online LIVE without waiting for ages to get your questions clarified. Communicate, engage and make the most out of your course.

You can pick the online course that interests you, check its summary and choose the date that suits you. You’re READY TO GO; all you have to do now is to pay for it with either a Credit card or a PayPal account. Couldn’t find what you’re looking for yet? Our support team is here to answer your questions regarding any problem you may encounter.


If you are new, all you have to do is to click the Sign Up for free button and fill out the form. If you have heard from us from your friend enter the referral code to get a bonus!

Oops! Sorry to hear that. No worries though there must be a mistake in either your email or your password. So make sure you typed the correct email and try resetting your password. If the problem is not solved, please contact our support team.

Once you’ve logged in your LOGYMY account, you can reset your password. First you go to My profile and then you go to change my password. Type in your old password and you new password and you’re all set!

You can talk to your instructor through live interpretation. Since your online course is live you have the ability to chat with your instructor and exchange your ideas with him.

Of course you can, language is no longer a barrier for you, choose your course and check the language that you want.

All your course details are mentioned on the course page. You can check the date of the beginning and note it. LOGYMY is patiently waiting for you .

You missed the FUN part! No worries though you still have access to the recorded session.

If you can't find a new course after you just enrolled, clear the cash and the cookies and refresh the page

Hooray! Congratulations! you made it and you deserve a certificate of completion you will get one as soon as you pass the assessment so you can download it and add it to your resumé, LinkedIn profile or whatever platform you desire.

If you are having an issue in LOGYMY, first check your internet connection.

-Make sure your using an updated browser

-Try clearing the cache and the cookies, then refresh the page:

On a Mac computer

Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

At the same time, press Command-Shift-Delete.

On a Windows computer

Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

At the same time, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete.

Once you cleared the cash, you can refresh the page and re-log in your LOGYMY account.

Still not working? Have you tried using an incognito browser? if the problem is still here contact our support team.

Click on categories and browse the course, once you picked the course that interests, you can check also the course preview and then click add to cart. Then you can fill you card details and here you go! Enjoy your course!

First make sur you are using an authorized international purchase credit card if you’re outside the USA and you have sufficient funds.

If you’ve already purchased a course delete your previous bank account information and re-enter them. If not try check if all your information is correct (CVV, CARD NUMBER ….), If your payment is declined, we recommend reaching out to your bank they may know how to solve the issue .

No string attached, if you enroll in a course and you don’t like it, LOGYMY can give your money back within 30 days (check our refund policy). Your comfort is our priority, you can contact the support and tell them the reason you didn’t like the course, you’ll get a refund and you’ll help us improve.

You have other questions? No worries, we’re here for you. Contact our support team or Email Us.


You can teach whatever topic you are an expert at, starting from marketing to coding to culinary arts. Share your knowledge and go viral.

Once you’ve submitted the form, we will review you it and contact you as soon as we confirm your eligibility.

As soon as you finish your course you can request your payout. You can choose the form of the payment, either via PayPal or credit card.

Your earnings depend on your course and the students that I will enroll in it. The more enrolled students the more money you make.

LOGYMY provides you with an earnings report, where you can see all your reports with their prices and your earnings.

The e-learning course will be live so it should be full of life and interactive, you strong Wi-Fi connection with a good audio/ video quality are highly required.

You can promote your live course through your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TIKTOK ...)

Beside English, you can teach your course with other languages that you master.

You can create the online course simply by clicking on the button “Create Course”

Add a Tittle and a small description, choose you it is a free or paid course, don’t forget the start date! Congrats, your course is created now. All you have to do is to promote it via our marketing ideas and materials in the blog section.

A question in mind? Our support team will be glad to answer it for you. Contact us